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The answers to your assays at your fingertips Assaying your 96 well plates just got easier.

Designing an experiment can be hard – but using your equipment shouldn’t be.
A microplate reader is an essential part of a productive lab, with its application flexibility, sensitivity, and high-throughput capabilities. The Ao Absorbance Microplate Reader offers a simple user interface that is normally only found on more expensive systems. Its absorbance-based reading offers maximum sensitivity, the best read speeds for kinetic assays, high flexibility, and lower cost compared to fluorescent and luminescent-based readers. Its top-reading design is ideal for solution-based assays such as ELISAs, DNA and protein quantification, and enzyme kinetics.

Product Features

● Stand-alone, top absorbance reader
● Large, easy-to-use 7-inch touch screen interface
● Pre-set and custom protocols
● Single and dual wavelength detection modes
● 8 position filter wheel: 5 standard filters (405, 450, 492, 595, and 630) plus 3 options from 340 – 750 nm
● Built-in shaker with speed selection
● Motorized door for easy sample loading


● Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays
● Nucleic acid quantification
● Protein colorimetric assays
● Enzyme kinetics